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The Angry Talks concept is to put together a series of guests, who are invited to share a story, an experience or a topic they like. These topics can be anything from business related themes to life stories and experiences.

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Angry Talks 2.0
Pajama edition : Web Conference

We are back ... and delighted to share with you our new edition of Angry Talks in web-conference format. In the second episode, you can be in your jammies - as usual - and learn more about our next speaker, Eloi Guterres - IT Strategy & Innovation Advisor.

Bio: "20+ years of experience in Technology, all of those working passionately to help enterprises adopt Digital, build their Future, and gracefully embrace Change." 

Join our next session :

May 26th

 6:30 pm

Check out Eloi´s podcast: Startup With Eloi

#7 Eloi Guterres

SEASON 2 - next speaker:

" Todo o paradigma empresarial está a mudar, e para as empresas mudarem, as pessoas têm que ser as primeiras a reinventaram-se"

Tiago Forjaz

" Queremos contribuir para passar uma mensagem de esperança, olhando para as oportunidades que possam surgir para os negócios e as pessoas se reinventarem."

Bruno Pires

In partnership with Savigen

Our last speakers

14/4 , in partnership with Moss&Cooper

21/4, in partnership with MighT

" Em 2 meses ocorreu uma revolução digital que supostamente deveria acontecer em 10 anos."

Filipa Abrantes

28/4, in partnership with Huawei

"Irei dar exemplos práticos de como os negócios se podem posicionar de forma a manter a ligação com as suas audiências "

Vanessa Amaral

5/5, in partnership with Worten

""Management 3.0 : Continuous improvement through Retrospective - Management bugs and fixes "

Eduardo Espinheira

19/5, in partnership with Human Management

"Communication as a healing weapon in Angry Times"

Rebeca Venâncio

Last tueday, in partnership with Revolut

" Digital Transformation, you've heard it a million times. Do you know exactly what it is?"

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Angry Talk #1  | 16/01/19


Hélder Moreno Lopes  | Marketing & Analytics Specialist at Beta i

Angry Talk #2  | 22/01/19

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Angry Talk #4  | 05/02/19

Angry Talk #5  | 12/02/19

Angry Talk #3  | 29/01/19

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Angry Talk #6  | 19/02/19

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Angry Talk #7  | 26/02/19

Angry Talk #8  | 12/03/19

Angry Talk #10  | 26/03/19

Angry Talk #9 | 19/03/19

DISCLAIMER: All talks are in portuguese.

For a while now, our team has been organizing an internal group dynamic we like to call Angry Talks. We like it so much we decided to make this a public event and share it with everyone.

Each event held 2 to 3 talks, and each speaker had 13 minutes. All talks had a live audience and some networking time. Every event was recorded and shared on YouTube.

However, you can now listen to them anywhere, on our podcast! You can find the Angry Talks Podcast in platforms like Spotify or Google Podcasts.

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Pierre Martins Simões | Trainer 

André Marquet | Product Manager

Beatriz Renault | Researcher

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